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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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HECUA Social & Political Transformation in Ecuador Quito, Ecuador
Terms: Interim Description: Description Students enrolled in this English-language based program will spend a month in Quito, Ecuador, exploring the perils and promise of development. They'll hike to the crest of the foothills that surround the city, and see the sprawl [...]
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Health and Social Inequality: Rural and Urban Perspectives Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, United States; rural Northfield, United States
Terms: Interim Description: In this course, students examine how rural and urban service agencies interact with residents to create and support healthy communities.  The social determinants of health are environmental and social conditions where people live, work and play [...]
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Interdisciplinary French Studies in Paris Paris, France
Terms: Interim Description: Students delve into advanced language work and on-the-spot investigation of French culture, past and present, including theater, film, visual arts, the French court, and the medieval cathedral through background readings and visits to important monum ents.[...]
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Oslo, Norway Internship Reflection Seminar Oslo, Norway
Terms: Interim Description: This seminar integrates the experience of work and the search for career in the context of Norway. Course content includes both an internship in Oslo and a reflection seminar. The reflection seminar connects academic theories/analyses of wo rk[...]
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Urban Schools and Communities Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Terms: Interim Description: ED 170 Course Overview St. Olaf students have an opportunity to examine how schools and communities in the Twin Cities interact to provide support and develop-mental opportunities for school-age children.Through lectures, readings, discussions, rese arch,[...]
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