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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Argentina and World Agricultural Trade Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mendoza, Argentina; Santa Fe, Argentina
Terms: Interim Description: Argentina is a global leader in production and exports of several major agricultural products: corn, soy, beef, and wine.  We will explore the economic and political factors that affect these goods' internal markets and how domestic producti on[...]
Asian Conversations II: Encountering Asia Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Interim Description: Students pursue guided fieldwork experience in the country whose language they study, either Japan or China. Activities and readings in this course build on the topics from Asian Studies 210 and three semesters of language study.  Students conti nue[...]
Classical Studies in Greece Athens, Greece
Terms: Interim Description: This course introduces students to the history and art of ancient Greece. It covers more than two thousand years of Greek civilization, from the bronze age through the archaic, classical, and Hellenistic periods. The itinerary takes students to every [...]
Drawing from Nature in the Bahamas San Salvador Island, Bahamas
Terms: Interim Description: San Salvador is a small Caribbean island boasting a great diversity of marine and terrestrial habitats.  Students explore intersections between art and science as they develop basic drawing skills.  Emphasis is placed on observation of the [...]
Emerging Adulthood in China: Immersion and Reflection Qingdao, China; Shanghai, China
Terms: Interim Description: This course offers students the opportunity to explore the developmental stage of emerging adulthood (ages 18-25) during one month of study/travel in China. Students employ a psychological perspective to read and discuss literature about the inf luence[...]
Environmental Research in Asia at the Asian Rural Institute - Japan (Directed Undergraduate Research) Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Interim Description: How does environmental stewardship manifest itself in Asia? How do landscapes and their dependent activities recover after a major disturbance?  Students interested in such questions collaboratively design, conduct, and communicate environment a nd[...]
Environmental Sustainability in Japan Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Interim Description: This course will introduce ideas and practices of community leadership around environmental sustainability in Asia. Learn how Japanese communities provide answers to global environmental challenges, countering the popular image in the US that Asia 9;s[...]
French Language and Moroccan Culture in Fes Fes, Morocco
Terms: Interim Description: Students study French language and Moroccan culture in the Imperial City of Fes.  An immersion experience that includes home stays with local French-speaking families, the course focuses on  Moroccan culture yesterday and today, emphasizing [...]
Gateway to the World: Global Connections/Local Identities of Hamburg Flensburg, Germany; Hamburg, Germany
Terms: Interim Description: Students immerse themselves in Hamburg, Germany, one of Europe's major historical port cities  recognized for its international character. Students examine social, cultural, political, and economic transformations of Europe and dee pen[...]
Immigration: The U.S. and the Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands; Miami, United States
Terms: Interim Description: Students examine migration into the United.States and the Netherlands. This includes an historical overview, but also a focus on migration in recent decades. Using readings, lectures, and site visits in Miami and Amsterdam, students learn a nd[...]
Innovation in New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand; Christchurch, New Zealand; Dunedin, New Zealand; Queenstown, New Zealand; Rotorua, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand
Terms: Interim Description: New Zealand is recognized as being one of the world's most entrepreneurial countries.  This course explores the unique innovation eco-systems that have developed to support entrepreneurship and economic development in New Zealand. Students w ill[...]
Interdisciplinary French Studies in Paris Paris, France
Terms: Interim Description: Students delve into advanced language work and on-the-spot investigation of French culture, past and present, including theater, film, visual arts, the French court, and the medieval cathedral through background readings and visits to important monum ents.[...]
Intermediate Spanish II in Ecuador Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; Quito, Ecuador
Terms: Interim Description: This course provides students with an intensive linguistic and cultural immersion experience in Ecuador. In-class activities focus on development of language skills and cross-cultural awareness. Outside of class, students improve their language profi ciency[...]
Island Biology in the Bahamas San Salvador Island, Bahamas
Terms: Interim Description: Intensive study of the biology that created the Bahamas and which now constitutes the living structure of these islands.  Staying at the Gerace Research Center provides access to a diversity of marine and terrestrial habitats including coral ree fs,[...]
Italian Art in Context Florence, Italy
Terms: Interim Description: Fact or fiction? Italian Cities and their origins. Students participating in this interim will explore both the mythical foundations of Italian cities and the documented and architectural realities of urban development. Students will consider the fol lowing[...]
Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden Village Chelan, Washington, United States
Terms: Interim Description: This course examines how the gospel transforms the practice of personal and social life.  Students explore the nature of Christian community and the connections between Christian theological beliefs and practices.  Students participate in t he[...]
Number Theory - Budapest Budapest, Hungary
Terms: Interim Description: This course introduces the study of patterns and relationships satisfied by natural numbers. Topics include divisibility, modular arithmetic, prime numbers, congruences, primitive roots, and quadratic residues.  The course is offered in Budapest ,[...]
O'Keefe's Art and New Mexico Abiquiu, New Mexico, United States; Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States; Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Terms: Interim Description: Students study Georgia O'Keeffe's New Mexican art, natural and cultural contexts.  Three weeks at Ghost Ranch, follows a week in Santa Fe at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and other resources.  Discussions, readings, activities, an d[...]
Oslo, Norway Internship Reflection Seminar Oslo, Norway
Terms: Interim Description: This seminar integrates the experience of work and the search for career in the context of Norway. Course content includes both an internship in Oslo and a reflection seminar. The reflection seminar connects academic theories/analyses of wo rk[...]
Peruvian Medical Experience Arequipa, Peru; Cuzco, Peru
Terms: Interim Description: This course is a service/learning experience. Week one is spent on-campus learning basic clinical techniques, examining emerging disease, and studying existing health care issues. Students spend three weeks in Cuzco, Peru, assessing patient needs in [...]
Religions of India Chennai, India; Hyderabad, India; Tiruvannamalai, India
Terms: Interim Description: The course introduces students to the religious traditions of India through lectures, readings,  discussions, and excursions, including interaction with leaders of religious communities. Indian  religious scholars and practitioner s[...]
Slavery in West Africa: Ghana Accra, Ghana; Tamale, Ghana
Terms: Interim Description: Students explore the history and culture of Ghana and examine how people recall slavery and the implications of a constructed concept of slavery.  Through primary sources and visits to historic sites, students examine how Africans view slavery; [...]
Social and Political Transformation in Ecuador (HECUA) Quito, Ecuador
Terms: Interim Description: Description Students enrolled in this English-language based program will spend a month in Quito, Ecuador, exploring the perils and promise of development. They'll hike to the crest of the foothills that surround the city, and see the sprawl [...]
Spain's Cultural and Linguistic Legacy Barcelona, Spain; Cordoba, Spain; Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Toledo, Spain
Terms: Interim Description: This topics course explores a Spanish peninsular culture, literary, and/or linguistic theme from a base in Spain through analysis and discussion of texts, guest lectures, excursions to appropriate cultural sites, field research, and related experient ial[...]
The Arts and Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Interim in Washington D.C. Washington, D.C., United States
Terms: Interim Description: Experience the dynamic arts and governance environment of Washington D. C. Meet over 25 professionals in varied fields. Visit galleries, museums, theaters, music and dance presenters, arts and civic organizations. Compare/contrast expectations for a [...]
The Bible in Context: History, Geography, and Culture in Israel and Palestine Amman, Jordan; Jerusalem, Israel
Terms: Interim Description: This course studies the historical, geographical, and cultural background of Judaism and Christianity, focusing on major biblical sites in the Holy Land.  Through the intersection of textual study, archaeology, and history, students will explore [...]
Theater in London London, United Kingdom; Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Terms: Interim Description: A full immersion in the art of theater, students attend approximately 22 performances at London and Stratford theaters. The course includes the reading of essays, dramatic criticism, group discussions, and backstage tours. England, a theatrical cente r[...]
Theater in Russia Moscow, Russia; St. Petersburg, Russia
Terms: Interim Description: Students study drama and theater through the reading of dramatic criticism and plays.  Students attend approximately twenty productions, group discussions, master classes, lectures, and tours.  Language barriers are used to students' ad vantage[...]
Tropical Ecology and Sustainable Land Use in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Interim Description: This course offers students the opportunity to study first-hand the most diverse ecosystems on earth. This intensive field-oriented course explores lowland rain forest, montane forest, dry forest, and coastal and agricultural ecosystems through proje cts[...]
Urban Schools and Communities Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Terms: Interim Description: In this course, students examine how schools and communities in the Twin Cities interact to provide support and developmental opportunities for school-age children. Through lectures, readings, discussions, field trips and in-school and co-curricular [...]
Water in Morocco: Precious, Precarious, and Problematic Fes, Morocco
Terms: Interim Description: Water is a beautifully simple molecule that is essential for survival (precious). Rivers have run dry, aquifers are overdrawn, pollution is widespread, and, with climate change, desert is encroaching and rains hard to predict (precarious). In Morocco ,[...]
What is Europe? The Grand Tour, National Museums, & European Identity Florence, Italy; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Rome, Italy
Terms: Interim Description: This course critically engages the notion of European identity by exploring the idea of the Grand Tour and the emergence of national museums. Students will experience firsthand some of the sites, artifacts, and works of art encountered in t he[...]