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GE and OLE Core Searchable Database

The Registrar's Office maintains the below list of pre-approved courses which carry GE and OLE Core credit.

Additional courses may be reviewed for GE/OLE Core approval by Renae Althoff ( in the Registrar's Office.  Whenever possible, such authorization is made prior to the student's participation in the program. If approved, the course(s) will be added into the database.

Important to know about OLE Core/GE:
  • Courses count toward St. Olaf general education requirements where appropriate. 
  • Under the St. Olaf satisfactory/ unsatisfactory (S/U) policy, courses taken S/U do not fulfill general education (OLE Core/GE) requirements. 
Important to know about credits:
  • Study abroad/away coursework is subject to the credit overload policy.  This allows students to receive up to 4.5 St. Olaf credits for fall or spring semester only, and an additional 1.0 St. Olaf credit for programs that include Interim term. 
    • On some programs, students may be required to or choose to take a course load equivelent to greater than 4.5 or 5.5 St. Olaf credits.  When this occurs, selected courses will have their credit award reduced to accommodate the max. credit allowable as necessary -- students may still take a course load equivalent greater than 4.5 credits at their program as allowable by the program.  Eg. a fall semester student takes the equivalent of 5.0 St. Olaf credits with their program -- four courses could receive 1.0 St. Olaf credit while the fifth would reduce to 0.5 credits for 4.5 credits total.  See the Credits and Transcripts page for details.