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AREA OF STUDY                    COURSE NAME 
Art                                             Artistic Movements in Contemporary Spanish Painting
Art                                             Latin American Art
Art 3001                                    Made in Spain: Discovering Spanish Culture Through Design
Art History                                 History of Modern Art (or HWC)
Art History 3001                        Andalusia, the Land of Artistic Geniuses: The History of Art in Andalusia (or HWC)
Art History 3101                        Contemporary Spanish Art
Art History 3102                        Masterpieces of Famous Spanish Painters (or HWC)
Cinema 3101                            Contemporary Spanish Film
Hispanic Studies 3001              Flamenco in Andalusia: Culture, Language, Music and Dance
Literature 3102                         The Novel and the Cinema (OR ALS-L)
Sociology 3001                         Islamic Culture and Art in Muslim Spain (also MCG OR HWC)

Literature 3101                         Contemporary Spanish Literature
Literature 3102                         The Novel and the Cinema (OR ALS-A)
Literature 3105                         Latin America & Spanish Literature of the Margins (also MCS-G or WRI)



Anthropology                             Cultural Anthropology of Spain
Economics 3101                       Contemporary Spanish Economic History
Environmental Studies 3002    Sustainability, Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems 
Geography 1029944                Geografía del Mundo Arabe (Geography of the Arab World)
International Relations 3102     U.S.-European Relations since WWII

Pol. 3001/Soc. 3002                 Politics and Society in the Contemporary Arab World.
Political Science 3101              Transition to Democracy in Spain and Contemporary Spanish Politics                                                                                                 

Anthropology 3002                   Culture and Cuisine in Spain
CSCS/Sociology 3005
Art History                                 History of Modern Art (or ALS-A)
Art History 3001 CSCS             Andalusia, the Land of Artistic Geniuses:  The History of Arts in Andalusia (or ALS-A)
Art History 3102                        Masterpieces of Famous Spanish Painters (or ALS-A)
Hispanic Studies 3502              Historia cultural de España
History                                      Contemporary Spanish History
History                                      Contemporary Spanish History & Political Development
History 3502                             Cultural History of Spain
History                                      European-Latin American Relations since Independence (19th & 20th C)
History                                      History of Ancient Mediterranean
History                                      La Historia Socio-Historica de la Espana Actual
History 3001                             Three Cultures in Spain: Jews, Christians and Muslims (also MCG)
History 3002                             The image of the US in Spain: 100 years of Myth and Stereotypes
History 3101                             20th C Spanish Political History
Political Science 3101              Political History
Religion 3001                           Tolerance and Fanaticism: The Evolution of Religious Beliefs in Spain  from Antiquity to the Present Day
Sociology 3001                         Islamic Culture and Art in Muslim Spain (also MCG OR ALS-A)   
Spanish                                    Socio History of Contemporary Spain
Spanish 4005                           Survey of Spanish Music of the 20th C: Political, Social and Cultural Realities
Spanish 4008/Music 4002        History of Opera in Seville: from Don Juan to Carmen
History 3001                            Three Cultures in Spain:  Jews, Christians and Muslims (also HWC)
Sociology 3001                        Islamic Culture & Art in Muslim Spain (also ALS-A OR HWC)
Spanish                                    Arabic Contribution & Influence on Spanish Literature
Spanish                                    Latin American and Spanish Literature of the Margins (and ALS-L OR WRI)

Spanish 4007                            Spanish for the Health Professions
Spanish 4103                            Spanish for Students of Business And Economics  
COMM 3301                              Intercultural Communication and Leadership (in Spanish)
SPAN 3004                                Bilingualism, Intercultural Communication, and Plural Identity

Spanish                                     Latin American and Spanish Literature of the Margins (and ALS-L or MCG)
Spanish 4001                            Academic Writing and Critical Thinking in Spain
Spanish  4102                           Advanced Composition & Stylistics
The courses count for GE credits, AS LONG AS they are CIEE courses and NOT Cursos para Extranjeros. Please make certain that you are NOT taking Cursos para Extranjeros courses.

**Only ONE course may be taken off-campus in each of these requirements:  Historical Studies in Western Culture (HWC), Studies in Human Behavior and Society (HBS) or Studies in Natural Science (IST, SED).

Contact the program adviser to discuss any courses which should receive GE credit.