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AREA OF STUDY                    COURSE NAME
Art 200                                      Ceramics
Art 204                                      Painting
Art 205                                      Art in the 20th C:  Practices and Values
Art 229                                      Photography
LICA 150                                  Introduction to Film Studies

English 100                               English Literature
English 202                               Shakespeare
English 203                               Victorian Literature
English 204                               American Lit to 1900
English 205                               18th C Literature
English 222                               Women Writers
English 248                               Special Author Study - Hardy
English 302                               Women Writers
English 304                               American Lit from 1900
English 307                               Literature and Film
PPR. 250                                  Christianity in the Modern World: Traditions and Transformations 
Religion 200                              Studying Religion & Modernity
Religion 211                              Early Christianity
Religion 219                              Issues & Movements in Contemp Roman Catholicism
Religion 229                              The Bible and Gender
Religion 272                              Roman Catholicism: From Trent to Vatican II
Religion 260                              Medieval and Reformation Christianity
Religion 274                              Modern Christian Thought

PPR 100                                  Politics in the Modern World                               

Applied Social Science             Traditional Criminology
Culture 310                               Topics in Culture & Comm
Euro 211                                    Understanding Culture
MST 321                                    African American Popular Culture  (also MCD)   
Philosophy 222                          Knowledge, Mind and Language
PolSci 104 w/105 (2)                  World Politics In the 1990's:  The Cold War/It's aftermath
PolSci 105  w/104  (2)                Issues In Global Politics
Psychology 100                         Intro to Psychology
Psychology 101                         Understanding Psychology   
Psychology 202                         Brain and Behavior
Sociology 101                            Intro to Sociology
Sociology 101                            Sociological Imagination
Sociology 208                            Gender, Sexuality and Society
Sociology 243                            Race Relations and Social Change

History 261                               History of US since 1789
History 265                               Elvis
History 265                               Pop Culture Post-War Amer 1945-1968       
MST 321                                   African American Popular Culture  (also HBS)  
HIST 271                                The History of The United States, 1865-1989 (also HWC)
PPR.252:                                  Buddhism and Modernity in Asian Societies
PPR.355                                   Reading Islam
Relgion 201                              Traditions & Transformations:  Asian Religious Modernity
Religion 202                             Traditions and Transformations
Religion 203                             Theravada Buddhism
Politics 210                               Politics of Development
                                                 Contemporary Issues in Asian Religions
                                                 The Origins and Rise of Islam
Religion 228                             Pilgramage
Religion 230                             Issues in Contemporary Islam
Religion 250                             Contemporary Japanese Religions
Religion 273                             Islam

History 111                              Europe in Central Middle Ages (this is a 2 credit course and must be coupled with another 2 credit history course to receive a GE credit)
History 201                              From Bede to Becket: The Cult of the Saints in Earlier Medieval England, c. 600-1200
History 201                              History of Britain 800-1272
History 202                              History of Britain 1275-1509
History 202                              Norman England, 1066-1154: Conquest, Colonisation and Conflict
History 204                              History of Britain  1600-1832
History 205                              Indust & Dev of Democracy in Britain since 1780
History 210                              Roman Britain
History 212                              War, Plague and Crisis of 15th C Britain
History 218                              Settlement & Society:  Celts, Saxons, Scandinavians
                                                  in Britain (400-1100)
History 221                              State, Land and People in Early Modern Brit (1500-1750)
History 228                              Art of War
History 231                              History of the United States of America
History 239                              Construction of Modern World Views
History 241                             Making and Remaking of Modern Britain
History 247                              The Modernisation of England:  Consumption, Culture and Conflict In the 18th C.
History 248                              History of Women in Britain 1850-1980
History 252                              The Restless Nation:  German History (1871-1989)
History 254                              Origins of Modern Europe from
History 255                              History of Europe 1815-1950
History 259                              The First World War
History 261                              History of US since 1789
History 269                              The Invented Nation
History 281                              Germany in the 20th C
History 286                              Restless Nation:  Germany in the 20th C
History 295                              Nature and Culture: the Renaissance and After: Case Studies
History 301                              Celtic,Saxon & Scand settlers in Britain  450-1100
History 307                              Religion & Rise of Science in Europe
Women’s Studies 2/306          Visions of Eutopia
HIST 271                                The History of The United States, 1865-1989 (also MCD)

IST (two .5 credits needed for GE credit)
Biology 101                              Evolution  (.5)
Biology 102                              The Impact of Microbes (.5)
Physics 121                              Planets, Stars and Galaxies (.5)
Physics 122                              Space, Time and Gravity  (.5)
Physics 123                              The Quantum World Explained (.5)
Physics 151                              Mechanics I  (.5)
Physics 152                              Mechanics II  (.5)
Physics 294                              Physics of Energy (.5)

Psychology 201                        Cognitive Psychology
AcF 308                                    Financial Statement Analysis
Creative Writing 103                 Introduction to Creative Writing at Lancaster (possible to receive two WRIs, if full year of course is taken)
Creative Writing 203                 Creative Writing
Unknown                                  Intermediate Creative Writing
Creative Writing 204                 Short Fiction:  Genre and Practice
Creative Writing 205                 Poetry: Genre and Practice
PPR 220                                   Modern Political Thought
PPR 325                                   International Political Economy of Globalization

Physics 120                              Universe as Art (121,122)
**Only ONE course may be taken off-campus in each of these requirements:  Historical Studies in Western Culture (HWC), Studies in Human Behavior and Society (HBS) or Studies in Natural Science (IST, SED).

Contact the program adviser to discuss any courses which should receive GE credit.