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AREA OF STUDY                       COURSE NAME
Art 1501                                       Modern Tradition
Art History 1001 or 1002              Intro to Art History-Renaissance to Romantics
HA1004                                        Intro to Art History 
Women’s St 3003                        The Female Icon
Film St 1005                                 Introduction to American Cinema
Art History 1502                           Modern Tradition: Change & Continuity
                                                            Scottish art history
HA1505                                        In the Flesh:  Art on Location (or HWC)      
FS30IG                                        The Narrative within the Frame (also WRI)

English 1001                             Intro to Fiction & Poetry
English 2506                             Revolution to Revolution:  British Writing 1640-1789
English 1508                             Writing Scotland Now
LW 1003                                    Encountering Global Change through Literature
EL 1009                                     Acts of Reading (also WRI)
EF 2501                                    Scottish Folklore and Oral Traditions

FS30IG                                     The Narrative within the Frame (also WRI)

Religion 1512                            Intro to Christian Theology
Religion 2519                            Prophets and psalms (with texts in english)
Religion 1529                            Christian Belief: its Critics and Defenders
Religion 1028                            The Rise of Christianity
Religion 2057                            Major Christian Thinkers
Religion 1044                            Founders of Christianity: Introduction to the New Testament
Religion 1045                            What does it mean to be human
DR151D                                    The Pilgrim City
Religion 2067                            Theology from Jesus to Calvin: The History of Christian thought
DR252E                                    Jesus in History and Culture
DR1540                                     Religion at Ground Zero
DR1596                                     Mysticism
Law St 1009                              Criminal Law
Psychology 1004                       Intro to Psychology
Pol Sci 1006                              Structure of International Relations
Sociology 1505 or 1506             Intro to Sociology
Sociology 1507                          Intro to Sociology II
Anthropology 2506                    Culture, History and Anthropology
Pol Sci 1007                              Comparative Politics:  UK & USA
Anth 1501                                  Intro to Anthropology 2 (also MCS-G)
Pol Sci 1010                              Comparative Politics:  United States and Russia
Pol Sci  2507                             International Political Economy
                                                  The Digital Society
EC1506                                     The Global Economy 

History 2506                             Europe & Scotland 1500-1750
History 2005                             Europe and Scotland (1200-1500): Themes and Variations
History 1006                             Celtic Civ: Early Celt Hist
History 1005                             Scotland’s New Horizons (1690-1820)
History 1006                             Revolutions 1688-1917
History 1504                             Scotland & the Modern Age
History                                      Gaelic Ireland: 1600
Art History 1001                       Intro to Art History:  Renaissance to Romantics
Women’s St 2501                    The Women’s Mvmt in 20th C Britain
History 1507                             Scotland and the Modern Age:  1820’s to present
Celtic St 1013                           Celtic Civilization: Early Celtic History and Institutions
Phil 2506 or 2511                     The History of Western Philosophy 2: Modern
History 1010                             Vikings, Gaels and Normans C 800-1200
History 1509                             Europe in the 20th C:  the Age of Totalitarianism
Celtic 3527                               Gaelic History and Inst 1760 to present
History 2510                             Europe & Scotland C1500-1750
History 1515                             The End of the Roman Empire: Post-colonial approaches
Celtic 128                                  Romans, Celts, Druids and Warriors
History 2010                              The American Century
1516                               Scotland, Ireland and British History in the 20th C
Celtic 1528 or 1532                   Celtic Scotland
CE 2028                                    The Vikings in Scotland AD 795-1266  
HI 1018 or 1025                        Vikings!  (also WRI)
HI 3056                                       American Military & Naval History
HI301H                                       Conflict and its Legacies:  France 1900-2007   
HI1522                                         Introduction to Scottish History
HA1505                                        In the Flesh:  Art on Location  (or ALS-A)
HI2520                                         Global Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century.
HI304S                                         Scotland: A Sociological History
HS2003                                        History and Philosophy of Science
HI 1523                                         Renaissances and Reformation
CE 1033                                       Barbarians, Romans, Gods and Warriors
HI30BF                                          Jacobites:  War, Exile and Politics of succession in Great Britain and Europe
HI 2021                                         Power and Piety
CE2035                                        Vikings in Celtic and Germanic Scotland

DR2558                                     Exploring the Tradition of Christian Ethics
DR 2565                                    Virtue and Freedom: Exploring the Tradition of Western Ethics
MS3056                                     Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
PHIL1522                                  How Should One Live
Spanish 3057                            Politics and Popular Culture in Modern Latin American Fiction
Religion 1020                            Basics of World Religions
Sociology                                    Perceiving Cultural Difference
Celtic 1527 or 2525                  Celtic Civilization: The early Insular celts
Anthro 1501                                Introduction to Anthropology 2 (also HBS)
DR 2038                                      Understanding Islam
CE 1038                                       Romans, Celts, Druids and Warriors 
RS 1505                                      Intro to Religions of the World                                                                                                                                                


History 2512                             Conquering a Continent:  America C1800-1900
?History 2010                             The American Century


Women’s St 3003                      The Female Icon
Religion 2524                            The Idea of the Holy:  key themes in Religious Studies                                               

AY 1503                                     Caves to Kingdoms 
Biology 1003                              Organisms and their Environment
Biology 1004                              Organismal Biology
Env Science 1502                      Pollution and the Global Environment
Physics 1510                              The Physical Universe
Psychology 3006                        Biopsychology
ID 1503                                       Intro to Prehistoric Archaeology 

History 2005                             Europe and Scotland C 1200-1500:  Themes and Variations
History 1008                             Scotland’s New Horizons C 1690—1820
Religion 2047                            History and Religion of Ancient Israel
HI 1018 or 1025                        Vikings!  (also HWC)
FS30IG                                     The Narrative within the Frame (also ALS-A)
EL 1009                                     Acts of Reading (also ALS-L)

**Only ONE course may be taken off-campus in each of these requirements:  Historical Studies in Western Culture (HWC),
   Studies in Human Behavior and Society (HBS) or Studies in Natural Science (IST, SED). 
  • The English Dept never allows visiting students to take level 4 courses in their department.  These are small classes that are reserved for our English degree seeking students only.
  • Most departments require a student to have at least 4 classes in a specific subject area to be able to enroll in a level 3 at Aberdeen.  An example would be if someone wanted to take HI3045 they would need to have had 4 other history courses to be allowed to enroll.
  • Science courses may have even further prereq's than the 4 course rule listed above.
  • Students are not allowed to take Key Learning (KL) courses.•
  • Students should consult the Aberdeen web site for an explanation of when courses are offered.